“Blah To BEAUTIFUL” Bath Remodel For Our General Manager

October 1, 2022

See How We Transformed Our General Manager’s Shower

An Employee Desparately Needed To Update Her Bathroom.
She Choose Shugarman’s Bath With ZERO Hesistation.

One of the REAL tests of bathroom remodeling products or systems is whether or not the people who work at the remodeling company are willing to put them in their own homes.

If so, that’s a statement. It says something.

  • They clearly believe in their products.
  • They understand the underlying, below-the-surface quality.
  • They know the installation methods are sound.
  • They’re familiar with the levels of performance they can expect.

And they appreciate the aesthetic value as well.

That being said, below is a brief Q & A with one of our highly-valued employees who did this very thing.

Meet Joy! She’s a great leader and General Manager here at Shugarman’s Bath.

Joy Jewell

Joy recently had our team upgrade her wet space with a gorgeous new bath and shower enclosure from Bath Planet.

Here’s a Before picture showing you what she was dealing with for so long.

Shugarmans Identity Post Joy Before

It doesn’t get more basic than that. Bland. Boring. Small. No storage. No style. No accessories of any kind. Just a ‘toss up a shower curtain and go’ kind of setup.

What Wet Areas Did You Decide To Remodel?

“Well, I only have one full bath in my townhome and desperately wanted to remodel it.”

This is rather common. When it’s your only full bath in the house, you need it to be functional and easy to maintain.

Why Shugarman’s Bath Over Any Other Company?

“Being an insider, I’ve learned so much about our products and the production process that I firmly trust and believe in it. The team takes great pride in their work, and I knew it would turn out amazing. Plus, I know our materials are the way of the future. From everything I see daily from all the customers who come to us for a better solution, I knew there was no other product I’d rather have in my own home.”

What does she mean by way of the future? Well, without getting too deep into the science involved, we use a super-advanced material (which we’re happy to explain in more detail over the phone or during your initial consultation). Project by project, we’re revolutionizing how bathroom remodels are done here in the San Diego area.

How Did You Find The ‘Dream-Space’ Look You Went For?

“I knew what I wanted the first time I ever set eyes on the hexagonal wall patterns. The only thing I was unsure on was the glass. So, I went back and forth on it until the very day it was installed. At the end, I was very much in love with the final product.”

Joy was fortunate to know about our products and all the many different designs and patterns we can create. Most homeowners don’t really know what they want the new space to look like, which is why we put so much emphasis on our initial design meetings.

With Shugarman’s, you’re guaranteed to get a new wet area space you LOVE.

From Team Member To Customer…How’d The Install Go?

In other words, did Joy’s personal experience validate her confidence and pride in the Shugarman’s Bath team and service?

“Absolutely! I was actually able to assist during some parts of my installation, and it made me really appreciate how skilled our installers are, how much attention to detail they have, and how much they have to think on their feet. My installer had multiple unexpected challenges to overcome once the walls came down, and she managed those efficiently.”

Can You Share About The Quality Of Workmanship & Materials?

Now that she’s had some time to enjoy her remodel, how has it improved her life, and how is it holding up?

“I think I wasn’t prepared for how easy to maintain my new shower is. I knew that was the case from learning about our products, but actually enjoying how clean it feels all the time is amazing.”

Without question. It’s hard to communicate in words the difference in terms of maintenance between what she had before and this:

Shugarmans Identity Post Joy After

Which is hard to believe, right? First of all, look at how much more space the bathtub has. Any more, and we would’ve added extra seating! But the special materials we use (including the glass) ensure minimal maintenance.

Then Joy’s got a slide-bar with a handheld, extra grab bars, extra storage, and incredible water flow and control. Notice the new flooring as well? Such an improvement!

Looking For Bathroom Remodeling You Can Believe In?

It’s true, everyone at Shugarman’s Bath believes in not just what we install, but how we install it. If you’re in the San Diego area and you’ll settle for nothing less than a bathroom remodeler who walks the walk, Contact Us. You can also reach us at (619) 332-2220 and speak with us directly. We look forward to hearing from you soon and exploring your ideas.