Best Shower Remodel Ideas

January 10, 2023

5 Best Ideas For Your San Diego Shower Remodel

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Whether your San Diego shower shows signs of age or just looks outdated, you might need a shower remodel. Only some bathrooms need an entire remodel, but almost all can benefit greatly from a bit of love in the shower area.

Showers get used every day and undergo years of wear and tear – some may even start to leak or crack. When you see visible signs of deterioration, chances are you’re in need of a remodel, and quickly. Further damage can threaten the structural integrity of your flooring and walls, forcing you to repair more than just your shower.

A new shower might be just the thing you need to create a fresh, new space complete with practical functionality and a stronger, long-lasting product. Here are 5 of the best shower remodel ideas.

1. Rethink Your Wall Surround

It’s easy to incorporate beauty and function with a new wall surround design. Shower enclosures are now available in more styles, patterns, and colors than ever – so take advantage of the many new and improved offerings.

Shower surrounds allow you to personalize your style to your taste and also help create a clean and cohesive look with the rest of your bathroom and your home. It’s easier than ever to incorporate useful features to your wall surround, like grab bars and hardware, giving you safety and assurance.

Use different color and design combos to capture your tastes, compliment your home, and blend with your bathroom fixtures. You can even match your shower base to your walls giving your home a beautiful flow.

2. Install Glass Doors

Shower curtains are out, and glass shower doors are in! Clear glass doors give your bathroom a clean, modern, and open look, making the space more inviting. It’s amazing how spacious a glass shower door can make your bathroom feel!

From sliding glass doors to swinging, your shower will automatically jump into the twenty-first century with this modern look. Plus, some great glass shower door manufacturers have worked out the kinks, giving you specially coated and treated glass, so it doesn’t have the microscopic pores found in lower-quality glass.

This glass coating and treatment makes your doors much easier to clean and maintain, and it ensures your glass will last and look great for life.

3. Make It A Walk-In Shower

Like glass shower doors, walk-in showers are the way of the future. Not only are walk-in showers safer and easier to get in and out of, but they also add modernity to your bathroom. Due to their easy accessibility, walk-in showers have excellent resale value, bringing in a high return on investment (ROI).

Walk-in showers give your bathroom a seamless transition, creating a flowing layout and floor pattern. There are many ways to customize your walk-in shower, making it personal to you and helping it blend with the rest of your bathroom style.

4. Incorporate Shower Storage

Shower remodels are great opportunities to incorporate more storage in your bathroom. Instead of hanging shower caddies or placing bottles and hygiene products on your floor, use this time to create practical and safer shower storage.

Built-in niches give easy-to-reach accessibility to shower products and create a clean and organized space. There are also other forms of shower shelving and personalized storage options available.

Proper storage keeps your shower floor clear of clutter, giving you more space and a safer environment to maneuver around for anyone in your family. Storage is an easy upgrade to remove tripping hazards and to bring you greater peace of mind.

5. Install Built-In Seating

Who says a shower has to be a quick in-and-out experience? Installing built-in seating gives you the relaxation and feel of a spa in the comfort of your own home. This simple addition elevates your shower from a place of dreaded necessity to calm and serenity. Use your shower as a place to rest and breathe deeply.

Besides creating a relaxation space, built-in seating makes your shower safer and gives you greater mobility. As our physical needs change, we can adapt our home environment to meet our evolving demands, and shower seating is the perfect first step.

Give yourself the gift of independence and confidence by installing built-in shower seating. The security shower seating provides goes unmatched and gives your family more ease as well.

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