Battling Rush-Hour Traffic To Track Down A “Lost” Tub

July 8, 2022

Battling Bumper-To-Bumper I-5 Traffic To Retrieve
A Customer’s “Lost” Bathtub

Her Tub Got Stuck At A Shipping Facility Right Before The Job.
So We Tracked It Down And Brought It Back.

In today’s story, we’re chatting about the curious case of the missing pallet. Without the Premium Materials it carried (tub, base, walls, silicone, supertack, shower rods, grab bars, etc.), we had to truly go above and beyond to get things right for this particular customer.

But, that’s what you should expect from us, from a family-owned and family-operated company here in the San Diego area.

We Had A Remodel Scheduled For A Wednesday…

It was about six months ago. And because of nationwide challenges like labor and supply chain issues, there had already been multiple material delays. So, we REALLY wanted to hit this install date for this family.

According to our last report, the material was supposed to arrive the Friday before. It hadn’t. Monday comes and goes, and it’s still in limbo.

We’re calling. And we’re calling…trying to find out where the materials are and the shipper basically had no clue.

“It might have arrived somewhere in L.A.”

We’re blowing up phones every 30 minutes for updates and it wasn’t getting us anywhere (we’re huge fans of Proactive Communication ). After HOURS of calls, we eventually heard back that the pallet was checked in at a shipping location in Orange County, but they couldn’t find it anywhere.


“Can you please take a look around? We’ve been trying to track this thing down for a while now!”,

They eventually agreed. Hours pass by…and they can’t find it.

Then finally, the answers came. The pallet had been destroyed in transit and was likely unsalvageable.

Disheartened? Yes, But We Didn’t Give Up

With Shugarman’s Bath, our new bath and shower systems are made of the highest quality materials. It’s best-in-the-biz! So, we figured there was a chance they could be salvaged. Through a few more calls, we got ahold of a trailer and had two team members make the trek to Orange County on Tuesday morning to see if they could retrieve the materials for the job.

Good news: the shipper allowed it!

The team left early and arrived back at our warehouse roughly 5 hours later with a loaded trailer.

And wouldn’t you know it, we were able to salvage every wall and every base on that pallet that had been deemed “unsalvageable”.

Come installation day, we were ready and everything went off without another hitch. We’d managed to pull off a small miracle because we’re Passionate People who care! When we tell local San Diego-area families we’ll come through for them, we really mean it.

It’s Good To Have Shugarman’s In Your Corner

Bathroom remodeling is a great career. Every project is special and presents its own set of unique challenges. We expect the unexpected, and we’re prepared for it. Because we’ve seen just about everything there is to see. Stories like these really drive that fact home for folks.

Stay tuned for more ‘Customer Stories We’re Proud Of’ and be sure to reach out and Contact Us with any questions. At Shugarman’s Bath, we’re happy to give you as much time as you need while you’re considering options and collecting bids. Thanks for your time today and we look forward to hearing from you soon.