Bathtubs VS. Showers: Which One Is Right For You

May 19, 2023

Bathtubs Vs. Showers: Which One Is Right For Your Clairemont, CA, Home?

Making This Crucial Decision Easier For You

Whether you’ve had your Clairemont, CA, home for a while or you’ve just moved in, deciding between having a shower, bathtub, or both can be tough. There may not be a more important decision that can so profoundly affect the entire layout of your bathroom. Each option offers pros and cons that you’ll have to weigh based on your preferences before selecting.

To help make the process easier, we’ll explore the benefits and disadvantages of showers, bathtubs, and both in your San Diego area home’s bathroom. By the end of this article, you’ll have all the information you need to plan out the perfect wet area remodel.

Pros Of A Shower

If you decide to have only a walk-in shower for your bathroom, they come with several benefits and advantages over bathtubs. The first significant benefit a shower offers over a bathtub is reduced water usage. On average, you’ll use 50 gallons less per shower than filling a standard-sized bathtub.

In addition, you’ll save on utility bills as it requires significantly less hot water to maintain a shower’s temperature than it does to fill a bathtub. With both of these benefits combined, you’ll reduce your environmental footprint and save money.

Showers also take up less floor space, maximizing what you have available in a small bathroom. They work better in those situations where a bathtub cannot be accommodated.

You can create the ideal shower experience during your shower remodel. With all the accessories available, it’s possible to transform your shower into the equivalent of a spa.

Cons Of A Shower

On the downside, showers can be harder to maintain, especially if you have glass doors. If you choose a wet area specialist who uses only premium materials, this problem can be avoided.

If you have small children and pets, bath time can be a nightmare without a bathtub. It may be a better idea to keep your bathtub until the kids are grown up or for the pets.

Showers can also be a source of increased humidity, which can be a severe problem. If your bathroom doesn’t have proper ventilation installed, this moisture can lead to damage and mold growth.

Pros Of A Bathtub

If you already have a tub you plan on keeping or are considering a shower-to-tub conversion, they also come with several benefits. One of the primary reasons San Diego area homeowners want a bathtub is to relax when tense or stressed out. While a shower offers similar therapeutic benefits, many prefer a bath.

Tubs also come in many excellent styles, adding flair to your bathroom. You’ll have many options, including different sizes and colors, to perfectly match your decor. Many popular choices include freestanding, walk-in, soaking, and clawfoot.

You can also modify your tub with add-on features like jets or whirlpools, increasing the comfort and relaxation it offers.

Cons Of A Bathtub

While they offer these great benefits, tubs also have some downsides, including accessibility impacts. Without walk-in or step-thru options, a bathtub can be completely inaccessible for those with mobility issues.

Bathtubs require a high-capacity water heater to fill them with hot water completely. In addition, it takes a significant amount of water to achieve this task. You’ll need to weigh the benefits you receive from soaking against the cost of the increased utilities using the tub brings.

If you have a small bathroom, you may be unable to accommodate a tub. As they take up more floor space than showers, placing one in a tiny room can overwhelm the area and make it seem cluttered and cramped.

Pros Having A Bathtub And Shower

If you can’t decide between a bathtub and shower for your Clairemont, CA, home, there’s always the option to have both. You can choose several ways to do this. First, you can opt to install a combination unit. This offers the main benefit of being a space saver, especially if you don’t have room for both units side by side.

In addition, because they’re one combined unit, you’ll have less to clean than if they were separate. If you choose a wet area specialist with premium materials, you’ll have an even easier time maintaining your new bath and shower system.

The alternative is having a bathtub and shower as standalone units. You may find it more comfortable to take a bath in a tub that’s not part of a shower. In addition, with a walk-in shower, your bathroom is more accessible while still offering the comforts of a bath.

Cons Of Having A Bathtub And Shower

The primary downside of having a combination shower and bathtub is that extra cleaning will be needed as it is used twice as much with baths and showers.

When choosing the option to have each unit stand alone, you’ll need a large bathroom to accommodate both fixtures. If you don’t have enough space, it will feel very cramped, detracting from the beautiful aesthetic you are trying to create.

Turn To Shugarman’s Bath For Excellent Bathtub And Shower Options In Clairemont, CA

Once you’ve decided on a bathtub, shower, or both for your Clairemont, CA, home’s bathroom, turn to the wet area specialist that will get the job done right. Here at Shugarman’s Bath, we’re dedicated to delivering showroom-quality results on every project.

We don’t cover up problems – we fix them. That’s how we know your new bath or shower system will perform as expected for life.

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