Asking These 3 Questions Filters Out 99.9% Of Bad Bath Remodelers

March 19, 2024

Three Questions To Ask Before You Hire Any Contractor

Avoid Headaches And Costly Mistakes By Hiring
The RIGHT Contractor On The First Try

Here’s the thing – if you’ve ever hired a bath remodeling contractor (or any type of home remodeler), then you understand how important the pre-hire process is.

After all, you’re letting the contractor and their crew into YOUR HOME, so you don’t want just any “random Joe” completing your project.

Instead, you want the BEST and MOST VALUABLE bath remodeler.

This begs the question – HOW do you find the best and most valuable? Well, you get to know more about them and their company. And I mean REALLY get to know them. And doing so starts and ends with asking the RIGHT questions.

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#1. Is The Price I See In My Quote The Price I’ll ACTUALLY Pay?

Ah, the “surprise change order” that’s FAR too common in the bath remodeling industry. A contractor gives you an excellent price, so you sign on board. Only later do you find out that the “too good to be true” price is indeed “too good to be true.” And they RAISE THE PRICE due to “unforeseen issues.”

Although there are times when a bath remodeling contractor may honestly not see mold, subflooring issues, etc., you shouldn’t have to pay more. Instead, they should anticipate that there will be unexpected chaos that they find. That’s what we do at Shugarman’s Bath, and you almost certainly won’t pay more than you’re quoted.

We take pride in providing our customers with a low-stress process from start to finish. And that’s why at Shugarman’s Bath, if unexpected costs come up after the fact, WE cover them – not you.

#2. What Materials Do You Use And Who Will Be Installing The Materials?

Now, let’s talk MATERIALS. We partner with Bath Planet. They create the TOUGHEST materials that look great, last, and perform at a high standard. And we, along with Bath Planet, are so confident in our materials that your project is backed with a LIFETIME warranty. That’s right, if anything goes wrong that shouldn’t, we fix it. It’s that simple.

As for the sheer quality of our installations, you won’t find anyone better. Why are we so confident? Well, we do showers, bathtubs, and walk-in bathtubs ONLY, whereas others offer a range of other services (kitchen, whole home… you name it). They spread themselves thin and consequently never become great at any one thing.

In a way, it’s like going to a Chinese restaurant and ordering pizza. You’re probably not getting good pizza. But us, we don’t do kitchens, living rooms, attics, dungeons, or even pizza. We do baths, and we’re GREAT at it.

#3. Do You Have Reviews, References, And Case Studies?

Every contractor can SAY they show up on time, install with quality craftsmanship, and treat you, your family, and your home with the utmost respect.

But can they prove it? If they really “walk the walk,” the reviews will SHOW it. They’ll have references that YOU can call. And they’ll have case studies that detail precisely WHY their service is superior.

The problem? Many (if not most) can’t PROVE what they say to be true through client testimonials of any kind. And if they can’t… move along and choose someone who CAN.

And you’ll be glad to know that Shugarman’s Bath is more than happy to show you our reviews, provide references, and allow you the opportunity to review our detailed customer stories.

If you’re searching for a bath remodeling company in Southern California that offers fair and honest quotes AND backs their quote with exceptional materials and craftsmanship, then look no further. Call us today for your free, no-obligation consultation from Shugarman’s Bath.

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