A Master Bathroom Oasis For Expecting First-Time Parents

March 1, 2024

An Expecting Couple Needed A Bath Remodel FAST

Tight Deadline? No Problem. We Delivered
BEFORE The Valentines Did!

This bathtub remodeling project in Southern California helped an expecting couple create the bathtub of their dreams BEFORE their baby arrived.

With a tight deadline, our team worked diligently to deliver the perfect bath area. We’re proud to report all went as planned, and the Valentines are thrilled with their new bathroom oasis!

The Client: A Young Couple Living
In A World Of “Firsts”

The Valentines had just bought their first house. But more importantly, the young couple weren’t far from having their FIRST CHILD. An exciting time, no doubt!

But they knew parenthood carried great responsibility – they wanted to be at their BEST each day.

And being at their best meant giving themselves a personal oasis to relax and recover at the end of long days. And it was this realization that sparked the idea to create a stunning bath area that allowed the young couple to escape and unwind.

Shugarman’s Bath was more than excited to help!

Why They Chose Us: Great Materials, Lifetime
Warranty And A FAST Turnaround

The Valentines did what every couple should do when they decide on a bath area remodel – they searched for the BEST remodeling company in Southern CA they could find. And we’re proud to say they chose us.

What was their reason for choosing us? Well, there were several reasons:

  • They Were Impressed With Our Materials – The Valentines are low maintenance. “Flash” wasn’t a priority, but they did want materials that would stand the test of time. We offered (and delivered) EXACTLY what they were searching for.
  • They Saw Value In Our LIFETIME Warranty – The Valentines were impressed that we offered a warranty that is guaranteed for life – and it was guaranteed for ALL materials and labor. They also knew we had no problem honoring the coverage if they got so much as a faucet drip.
  • We Could Meet Their FAST Turnaround Need – The Valentines (understandably) wanted the bath remodel complete before their baby arrived. And we knew the baby wasn’t going to wait on us. So, we used an “all hands on deck” approach to ENSURE the remodel was pristinely finished in time.

Stunning Results? Tight Deadline Met? Check, Check!

As mentioned, the Valentines are a low-maintenance couple. They wanted a comfortable and convenient bath that featured a simpler (yet modern) design. We delivered.

Specifically, we installed:

  • A Spacious Bathtub – The brand-new bathtub, which is entirely separate from the walk-in shower, features a clean look and feel and an ample amount of space for optimal comfort. There’s also a bath tray that is perfect for placing wine glasses, books, bubble bath, and more.
  • A Beautiful Walk-In Shower – With a newborn on the way, the Valentines needed a way to shower quickly. Their new walk-in shower allows them the opportunity to comfortably and quickly wash up. It features convenient built-in storage and a high-pressure shower head.
  • Sleek And Modern Wall Surrounds – The wall surrounds for the tub and shower bring the entire bathroom together. It matches the vanity and the rest of the bathroom perfectly. In lock-step with the Valentines’ design preferences, it’s simple, yet sleek and modern.

We’re happy to report that the entire bath remodeling project was finished BEFORE the Valentines had their baby. They welcomed their newborn to a beautiful new home that featured a brand-new, fully personalized master bathroom oasis.

The Valentines LOVE Their New Bath Area

The Valentines are ecstatic with their new bath area – they are off to a great start living the American dream. Their now beautiful family of three enjoy a bathroom that provides great comfort and relaxation.

We hope the Valentines enjoy their new bathroom for MANY years to come. And on behalf of the entire team at Shugarman’s, Congratulations – we wish you three all the happiness in the world!

If you’re interested in transforming your bath area in Southern California, then contact the experienced bath remodelers at Shugarman’s today for a free and accurate quote.