A Low-Stress Process = Satisfaction

May 20, 2024

Low-stress bathtub remodeling by Shugarman's Bath in San Diego County

Just Relax – Your Bathtub Remodeling
Results Are A Sure Thing!

We Cut The Worry Out Of
Upgrading Wet Spaces

When you’re considering bathtub remodeling in San Diego County, you might expect to feel a bit anxious.

But you can toss those worries aside by working with Shugarman’s Bath. Our low-stress process is designed to help the project go smoothly and keep your nerves in check.

And we’ve gotten a lot of feedback from customers who say, “It works!”

We’re ecstatic to hear that. We’ve worked really hard to develop our process, even though it appears to be quite simple.

It’s only four steps, but it cuts the worry out of your home improvement project.

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Four Easy Steps Make Your Bath
Remodel Smooth And Simple

We’ve broken the remodeling process down into four key processes. Each is designed to make your project as painless as possible.

This lets you release all your anxiety. With us holding your hand, you can relax and envision yourself enjoying the new bath.

Here are the four simple steps of our low-stress bathtub remodeling process.

1. We Make It Easy To Reach Us

It is easy to reach us. We monitor our phones and email addresses constantly. When you get in touch with us, we’ll work around your schedule. We’ll set an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you.

And we’ll show up. On schedule. Or else you’ll know why.

Because we never want to waste your time.

If you sign with us, we’ll continue to be easy to reach. We are tethered to our phones, so we receive voice calls, texts, and emails immediately during business hours. We’ll answer questions, listen to comments, and ease concerns.

Whatever it takes to keep the process low-stress.

2. We Schedule A Face-To-Face Consultation

After your initial contact, we schedule a face-to-face consultation. We visit your home, inspect the current bathroom, and calculate how much work it’ll take to give you what you want. We offer advice, provide options, and together figure out the most economical ways to bring your ideas to life.

Then we provide a fair and final price quote.

We never use hard sales tactics. We never play BUY NOW OR REGRET IT pricing games. We never overprice the job in the beginning, only to drop it steeply so you think you’re getting a bargain.

Rather, we price the job fairly, give you the information you need, and give you time to consider the bid. The price we give you is the final price. You’ll never pay extra unless you ask for additional stuff. We don’t charge you more if we uncover surprises during the project.

We’re confident you’ll recognize the value we provide in exchange for your hard-earned money.

3. We Ensure Your Fixtures Are Custom-Made

Whether you need a shower-to-tub conversion, tub-to-shower conversion, or step-thru bathtub insert, we custom-design each product to your preferences. We monitor fixture quality and ensure your items meet our high standards.

They’ll also meet your customized color, material, and texture choices, and they’ll be tailored to the measurements we’ve taken of your bathroom.

We take care of all the ordering and storage, and we’ll keep you updated about their manufacture, shipping, and arrival.

You don’t have to worry about any of that. It’s all on our shoulders as part of our stress-free process.

4. We Send Trained, Certified Installers

Once your materials are manufactured and ready for installation, we schedule a convenient day for us to send our expert installers to your home. These individuals are factory-trained by our suppliers and undergo an exacting, 8-week in-house apprenticeship.

They are drilled in our rigorous methods and learn best practices for installing our suppliers’ products.

During installation, our team will further customize the work to your specifications. These customizations include:

  • Shower head height
  • Grab bar location
  • Shelf height
  • And more

This is why we urge homeowners to be at home and available during installation. You can tell our installers your preferences and enjoy the best possible results.

So, if you wish to benefit from our low-stress bathtub remodeling process, contact Shugarman’s Bath in San Diego County today and request a free quote.