7 Hidden Issues We Find On 95% Of Bath Remodels

June 19, 2022

7 Hidden Issues We ALMOST ALWAYS Uncover When Removing
Old Tubs & Showers

Here’s Why Stripping Your Current Tub Or Shower “To The Studs”
Is Absolutely VITAL

The shower and bath area in your San Diego home’s bathroom is the most important and functional part of the room. It’s known as the ‘wet space’. And being the wet space, you, REALLY need to work with a contractor that’s going to completely demo the area and go down to the studs.

We call this The Shugarman’s Way. It means bathroom remodeling done RIGHT. Our 4-step process basically reduces your risk to zero. Anything that comes up, any issue whatsoever, we’re going to fix it so both your new bath/shower system and its foundation can be warrantied and guaranteed for life.

But maybe you’re wondering what kinds of things we find down there? It really depends on a lot of different variables (like the age of the home, the present state of the area, previous treatment over time, etc.), but here are the most common:

Common Damage We Find In The Wet Area

  • Termite Damage That’s Eating Away Structural Integrity
  • Rotted Or Moldy Sub-Flooring That’s Doing The Same
  • A Variety Of Plumbing Issues
  • Mold
  • The Makings Of Leaks, Like Rotted Cast Iron Piping
  • General Water Damage In The Area
  • We’ve Even Come Across Rat Infestations!

This is why we strip down the wet space to the studs. To see what’s going on down there. A VASTLY different approach from other contractors who won’t bother with demolition, won’t make needed repairs, or use liners so they never spot issues in the first place.

Of course, then there are contractors who will go ahead and do the demo…then charge you extra for everything they find.

With Shugarman’s, it’s all included (although depending on the issue, we might recommend a professional exterminator for live termites or rat issues).

Our approach also means you get the peace of mind that comes with Premium Materials. We use them to build and support a long-lasting foundation for your new bath or shower system.

For example, as part of our ‘Never-Leak’ system, we use a high-quality base made of non-porous BP-Cor2 material, choose a premium backer board like DenShield, then add a new shower pan, and install inside corner strips (essentially flashing on walls that cover the seam where water might get through).

We go to all this trouble because we care about our reputation of Precision Workmanship, and it’s in our nature to treat our customers like they’re part of the family.

We work as though your bathroom is our bathroom!

Let’s Not Forget About Our In-House, Factory-Trained Installers

Another way we ensure that any bathroom remodeling with our name on it is done RIGHT is by using only the best installers in San Diego (in our opinion). No sub-contractors. No ‘Chuck & His Truck’ outfits. And no one that doesn’t align with our Customer-First Core Values.

  • They’re Well-Experienced Professionals
  • They’re Factory-Trained & Certified For Precision
  • They’re In-House Trained As Well
  • This Includes Prep & Thorough Clean-Up Processes

Bottom Line: Doing Things Right Brings The Best ROI

Cheap and dirty workmanship might look good – at least for a little while – but it doesn’t last. When you work with us to design a new custom bath or shower system, it’s top-to-bottom quality that’s guaranteed for LIFE. Interested? Have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out and Contact Shugarman’s Bath.

We’re happy to give you all the answers and helpful suggestions you need as you’re considering your options. Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.