5 Shower Remodel Ideas For Small Bathrooms

February 28, 2023

5 Shower Remodel Ideas For Small Bathrooms In El Cajon, CA

How To Make The Most Of Your Small Space

Could your small bathroom in your El Cajon, CA, home benefit from full shower remodeling? With a small space, making the most of it with the best bathroom shower remodeling ideas is essential. Here at Shugarman’s Bath, we take pride in offering best-in-class results for any project – no matter the size.

Our experts have compiled some excellent recommendations for small bathroom shower remodeling ideas to completely transform your space. Consider one of these options when choosing your next walk-in shower.

1. Choose The Perfect Glass Door

If you prefer a closed-in shower, choose the ideal glass door. Selecting one with minimal hardware is best to keep the view as unobstructed as possible. With either option, you must ensure you keep the glass clean to preserve the space-creating illusion.

Here at Shugarman’s Bath, we offer premium quality custom-coated and treated glass to make your life easier. They’re not only stylish but also offer easy maintenance, as soap and water only require a quick squeegee to remove.

2. Use The Right Colors

When you get ready for your full shower remodeling project, you’ll want to choose the right color scheme. In most cases, with smaller spaces, choosing lighter colors will make the room feel brighter and make it seem more spacious. The lighter colors will reflect the room’s natural light in addition to any artificial light from the room’s fixtures.

Darker colors are an option too, and many designers might recommend choosing more subdued tones. However, if you don’t have the appropriate lighting setup in your bathroom, your new shower will be like a void that swallows the space, making the room seem even smaller than before.

Talk with your bath area remodeling experts to create the combination of colors to give you the look and feel you need. A true expert will know how to balance all of the components to create a stunning space.

3. Add A Built-In Shelf

Nothing detracts from space more than clutter. You’ll want to consider how and where you will store your personal care products for your bathroom shower remodel. The more you can keep them out of sight, the bigger your space will appear.

A smart storage solution is a built-in shelf or niche within the shower wall. This space can hold all your items – keeping your shower clutter-free while making your essentials easily accessible.

You can also make this niche a point of interest by adding a tasteful pattern that coordinates with the rest of the shower. Consider a unique wall system pattern or something similar that will stand out but not overwhelm the space.

4. Remove The Tub

If you have a tub in your small bathroom, now is the time to consider removing it. Getting a tub-to-shower conversion is ideal in this situation because it can free up all the space. In a small bathroom, space is premium real estate, and a bathtub takes up a significant amount of it – on average, they take up 13 square feet.

On the other hand, a shower will take up significantly less, allowing you more freedom with your options for the rest of the room. The bathroom will appear larger and less cluttered without the tub monopolizing it.

5. Consider A Corner Shower

To keep your shower even more out of the way – consider a corner model. While it may seem a little smaller, you can make it more spacious by choosing one with an angled base. This angled design will extend slightly farther into the bathroom, increasing the square footage while still not occupying much room in the small bathroom.

By not having the shower extend the full length of the wall, you’ll have the adjacent space to play with – for any design ideas that come to mind. The extra room will be beneficial in the small space, making it seem larger than it is and more welcoming.

Upgrade Your El Cajon, CA, Home’s Small Bathroom Today With A Shower Remodel

When your small bathroom in your El Cajon, CA, home needs an upgrade, rely on Shugarman’s Bath, where we can frequently complete one-day shower remodeling.

We complete every remodeling project The Shugarman’s Way – with a four-step process that guarantees the best results. Throughout the process, every detail is addressed, no corners are cut, and our never-leak system is installed.

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