5 Considerations For Creating A Spa-Like Bathtub Remodel

February 14, 2023

5 Ways To Create A San Diego Home Spa During Your Bathtub Remodel

The Right Bathroom Remodeling Company Will Transform Your Space Into An Oasis

Remodeling your San Diego bathtub is the perfect opportunity to turn an outdated, nonfunctioning space into a beautiful, relaxing home spa. When the cracks and maintenance of your old tub get to be too much, it’s time for an upgrade.

Take the time to consider all the possibilities for a new tub. Bathtub innovation has come a long way, introducing things like hydrotherapy into the comfort of your own home. From aesthetically pleasing cosmetic choices to size and function, your new tub can be the stuff of dreams.

There’s no need to pay huge sums of money for outside spa services when you can experience that relaxation daily without leaving your house. Here are 5 ways to create a spa-like bathtub remodel.

1. Add Bathtub Accessories

A tub can be much more than just a place to clean off – it can be a place to sit back and relax. Choose features like hydrotherapy jets to experience a water jet massage or opt for air bubble therapy, where thousands of tiny bubbles are released to give you a gentle massage.

Experience the joys of chromotherapy which uses underwater colored lights to improve mood and to enhance relaxation, or add aromatherapy sachet bags to enrich your bathing experience. Some tubs even offer ozone therapy, which uses a purification aid to help heal skin conditions.

If these “therapies” are not what you’re looking for, add helpful accessories like grab bars, storage options, and temperature and pressure controls. Personalizing your tub to your physical needs will ensure your comfort and safety.

2. Splurge On The Deep Soaker

A deep-soaker tub is just that – a deep tub intended for soaking in. When it comes to a luxurious bath, no one wants their knees or elbows above water. Deep-soaker tubs give you more tub basin height, allowing greater soaking depth.

Upgrading to a deep-soaker tub takes minimal remodeling, as they can typically fit in your tub’s existing space. Deep soakers can be incorporated with your shower/tub combo or remain on their own. Like other tubs, added accessories make them all the more luxurious.

3. Customize Your Tub Size

Many bathroom remodeling companies and big-box stores only offer standard bathtub sizes. For a lot of homeowners, a standard tub size simply won’t work in their space. Find a company that builds custom-size tubs based on your specific bathroom space and personal needs.

Every inch matters when it comes to bathtubs, so getting the right fit is essential. Why waste precious bathroom space with a tub that’s too short when you can instead opt for one that utilizes those extra inches? You may be assuming your bathroom is too small for a tub, but the right company will measure and assess your options, possibly giving you the tub of your dreams.

Custom-sizing your tub gives you the freedom to stretch out and relax in the spaciousness of your bathtub. It may even allow you to put a tub in a space you previously thought was impossible.

4. Design A Stunning Bath Enclosure

The quality and features of your tub are one thing, but designing the perfect wall surround to match is another. Wall surrounds allow you to mix and match colors, patterns, and more to create the perfect spa look for your bathing enclosure.

Wall surrounds also allow you to create a cohesive look with the rest of your bathroom, highlighting the features and colors you like. Now is your time to bring in marble looks, subway tile textures, or a Roman block aesthetic.

When you design your wall surround, choose a company that uses materials built to withstand daily usage because you’ll never want to leave your tub. Plus, a great company will offer lifetime guarantees on their wall surround workmanship, giving you full peace of mind.

5. Think Of The Details

Spa-like bathtub remodels are all about the details. You might have the most luxurious and accessory-packed tub, but if you skip over the details, you’re missing out on the full spa package. Hardware is nothing to skimp on or breeze over, and having options is a must.

Choosing the perfect hardware for your new tub is difficult, as it needs to be functional and beautiful. Consider the variety of finishes you can choose from, like chrome, brushed nickel, or matte black. You don’t have to stay traditional with your faucets – to get a spa-like look, consider styles like Roman tub, deck mounted, wall mounted, and tub wall mounted.

Turn Your Bathtub Remodel Into A Beautiful Spa Creation With Our San Diego Bathroom Company

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Our customizable Bath Planet tubs are made of special BP-Cor2 material (15% durable rubber acrylic and 85% ABS) and reinforced with high-density spray foam that makes them even stronger and more dependable while deadening sound.

The best part is that our bathtubs are lifetime guaranteed and come in various styles with gorgeous wall surround patterns. Personalize your spa-like bathtub with Shugarman’s Bath and improve your quality of life.

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