Get A Luxury Shower

Posted February 13, 2024
Have you ever found yourself walking past or out of a luxury spa and thinking to yourself, “Wow, I wish that was in my house”? Shugarman’s Bath can make that…

Get A One-Of-A-Kind Spa-Like Shower

Posted February 9, 2024
Every homeowner dreams of walking into their bathroom and stepping into a shower that makes them feel like they have a personalized spa in their home. Our extraordinary tub-to-shower conversion…

Answering Your Shower Questions

Posted January 30, 2024
There are many ways that homeowners can transform their bathroom into a relaxing spa-like room, and a Laguna Beach tub-to-shower conversion is one of the best options. When you feel…

Make Your Bathtub Accessible

Posted January 26, 2024
As the years go on, many homeowners may find that their original bathtub isn’t what they need anymore. Safety and accessibility are of utmost importance, and homeowners can turn their…

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